Friday, August 28, 2009

Who’s in your Twitter Fave Five?

Welcome to The Panel. We’re a group of Tweeps that have come together on this blog to tackle all the burning questions. Yes, even your questions. So, if you have one for us about anything (and I mean ANYTHING), send an email to and we’ll give you an answer.

Since we all met on Twitter, I thought it would be appropriate for our first question to be Twitter-related. Here goes:

Besides your fellow Panel members, who are your five favorite Twitter follows?

Now, to take the responses in alphabetical order:


  • I personally want to recommend everyone follow @isfullofcrap.  He is a tech support minion who has been in the trenches for years like I have and he is the inspiration for me to start blogging.  His website is packed full of cats, horror stories about the Houston metro, cats, tech support, pictures of bums, cats, grilling of food and... did I mention cats?
  • Next up is @IMAO_. Between the genius of his "Random Thoughts" (which make me wish I could think) and his posts of stuff that makes me giggle like a little girl he is the height of humor. He likes guns too!
  • Third is a hometown homeboy! @FWGMills From the genius of his drive by humor and observations on the suck factor of Arlington (OK, OK, OK I have to admit Dallas) he keeps the day moving along nicely. He also got locked in his house a while back which amused Justin and me to no end!
  • OK, what twitter list would be complete without our own evil mercenary of technology @JasonMinnick.  When he isn't slaughtering me for lobbing him softballs questions which he knocks out of the park for humor home runs, he is slaughtering the data network in Afghanistan. As he says... ( or at least I imagine he says it!) Goats LIE!
  • Now last but not least, I have to mention the person I laugh the most at with on teh interwebz @thebloggess.  If I weren't amazingly unattractive I would tattoo her face on my butt so I could wear a thong on the beach and let everyone see how awesome she is. Oh well, I can dream right?  Hurry up and follow her before she sobers up!


  • @dzurillaville Biting wit yet unfailingly cheerful. An example of what a sorority girl should grow up to be. Music. Inside info. The Chiweenie. Knows accessories like I know...., damn, what rhymes with accessories?
  • @vanbytheriver His intelligence is "Rocky Mountain High" His wit "Cuts like a Knife" He is my "Jukebox Hero" and he will "Disarm" you with his charm.
  • @kevinsoberg His tendency to give of himself sparingly adds to the mystique. He can be serious and not so serious. Subjects are varied and never stale. The sarcasm runs deep in this one.
  • @someGit I can't explain it other than to say I get a tingle up my leg when I read his posts.
  • @soopertrev There is a special place for Trev in my Twitter world. He may not even know it. It doesn't matter if he is posting about his love for all things Redeye, about politics or asking for shirtless pics, I like his tweets and always will....


  • @isfullofcrap is a blogger, podcaster, and all-around nutcase. Laurence got me into Twitter and was my first follow.
  • @laurawxx Local tweep that always brings the laughs. Twitter should be fun, and she certainly helps me keep it that way. Also just as much fun in real life.
  • @TheBloggess is a mom, advice-giver, sex columnist and batshit-crazy bloggess, but in a good way. I met her at a tweetup in Houston once. She was the one drinking at 10 AM. And who else would give their 4 year old a Tenacious D lunchbox? How is that *not* made of awesome?
  • @dsilverman writes a tech column and blog for the Houston Chronicle. He’s the guy I turn to for my tech news.
  • @alysonfooter used to be the Astros’ beat writer for, now she works for the team in a different capacity. She offers interesting insights into the game. And really, who doesn’t like an attractive redhead that knows her baseball?


  • @aka_cody has been my best friend since Freshman year if high school and has been ever since. Don't know what I would do without him. Met @aka_Rhys through Cody and he's my best friend as well. Rhys is a bit crazier than Cody though.
  • @Bill_El is a Vegas local that works for the best local news-- Eyewitness News Ch 8...and he is hilarious and he gets my jokes.
  • @JellyWrestler -- hello, #feelingstabby! Need I say more?
  • @LasVegasNOW is the aforementioned Ch 8 Eyewitness news twitter. They rock because they actually use the @replies when you tweet them about things. No one likes snotty news people, IMO.


  • @jfhuj He goes off on random tangents sometimes for several tweets, which is amusing. He also keeps me entertained in the late hours of the night, and always has something to say that interests me.
  • @Smittmaestro Who always has something nice to say to or about me, especially when I need it the most. He was the first person to welcome me to the Activity Pit, which became a place I spent most of my time at, before Twitter came along.
  • @boinkity The man who is a total perv, and could teach #teamcreepy a thing or two. He always makes me laugh and I have also spent many long nights chatting with him about this and that and everything.
  • @JohnLarroquette Yes, I still watch Night Court sometimes, and on Twitter, the man can be surprisingly philosophical and thoughtful. Plus, he talks about southern food a lot. Yum.
  • @therealtramp She is an example of someone I might be in a few years, she thinks for herself and follows nobody’s opinion but her own. She always has something to say that I haven’t heard before or thought of yet. She's been a good friend to me since we "met." Yes, @ejukatedrednek, you have been a swell fella too, but Trampy beat you out here.

Mollie Katie:

  • @andylevy For all the #RedEye and conservative news.
  • @TommyXtopher For the liberal pov.
  • @RedSoxRedShoes Whose comments make me literally laugh out loud, even when the Yankees rout the #RedSox 20 to 11.
  • @rod_Stewart Hands down the funniest celeb Twit, and enabled of my hashtagging problem.
  • @vanbytheriver Who blips music that I love. I'd suspect he's using my music collection, but since he's not a #teamcreepy member I'm guessing he has no plans to break and enter my house! ;)