Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Takin’ care of business

I’d asked this on my blog before and couldn’t come up with a good question for the blog, so I asked this:

If you’re the only one in the house/apartment, do you close the door when you go to the bathroom?

Answers after the jump

• Jen: I always close the door. If there is a door on the inside of another room, I close the door. It is a privacy issue that I don't negotiate. I don't want to walk in on you(generalize please) and I don't want you(generalize please) to walk in on me. I don't want anyone to EVER think that I have needs in "that way"

• Mollie Katie: I always close the door. And lock it. It really doesn't matter if the room is the bathroom or not, I tend to do this everywhere, like my bedroom or dorm or basement. I have privacy issues. As a child, my sister used to sneak into my bedroom at night when I was asleep and do things like cut my hair or draw on my face. So I have privacy issues.

• Houston: When I am alone it is a rare treat for me.  It's kind of like when the lady in the commercial gets into the Calgon bubble bath, leans back and closes her eyes with blissful relaxation.  That is what solitude is like for me.

Unfortunately the only way I can get it is by closing the bathroom door.

Now I'm not a stuck up guy and I have no problem with occasionally calling a buddy in to observe the crowning achievement of my day's work.  I may or may not have a few submissions under various pseudonyms at ratemypoo.com; in other words I am a normal,everyday guy.

But with five kids every moment of solitude is precious.  It's the time to get caught up on the local news, twitter (best play to read Robert Gibbs' tweets about crap is the crapper) and whatever else I can drag into my fortress of solitude. 

Besides... I HAVE to shut the door. It is court ordered for everyone's safety.

• Michelle: Door closed. Even when there is no chance of anyone walking in on me, still door closed. I had some well thought out theory involving psychology and vulnerability, but as I procrastinated [include link to procrastination post here please] and can not make my thoughts function, we'll leave it at that.

• Justin: Usually, but not always.

I mostly close the door out of a force of habit, but occasionally I won’t. Probably just out of sheer laziness.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Facebook games

This week I asked The Panel about Facebook because I’m lame and couldn’t come up with anything else…

What, if any, Facebook games do you play and why do you like them?

Answers after the jump: