Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Shopping help

I've got computer issues, so the posts won't be as pretty until I get them fixed, but there will be posts!

This week I asked The Panel what they get for that someone on their list that's impossible to shop for.

Answers after the jump:

Justin: I always buy them really weird gifts. I'll go into the mall or a bookstore or wherever and try to find something incredibly unique. For example, one year I bought someone one of those books that tells you how to survive situations like jumping out ofa 5th story window into a dumpster. Wish I remembered what it was called. Oh well.

Jen: There are several reasons why a person may be difficult to buy for. There is the person that already has everything. There is the ultra picky person and then there is the person you don't know well. Those are the three types I'll address.

For the person who has everything I will buy socks. Or give them Old Spice aftershave. That's what I did for my dad. He was the type who thought of something and then he'd buy it. And if you could think of something, generally the $1,500 price-tag was out of range. But I guarantee, even the person who has everything does not have enough socks or  Old Spice aftershave.

Then there is the ultra picky person. That person gets a gift certificate, err, sorry, a gift card to a store that they shop at. I am one of those gift receivers who believe that it is the thought that counts, unless I think its stupid. Then I hate it and return it. I know when I am going to give a gift that won't do and will be returned. I don't want to waste my time. A gift card to a nice store or favorite spa/salon is always the best idea. No one wastes their time so its a win-win.

Shopping for that Secret Santa gift or maybe your husbands step brother from several marriages ago can be daunting. You don't know them or what they like. Can they read? What are their hobbies? Are they parolee out on stalking charges and binoculars would not be a good gift. These are the ones that get the Fiji stacked christmas boxes with candies and pears. Or perhaps a Harry and David basket. Either way, the worst they could with that would be to make a bad Eggs Benedict on Christmas.

Everyone else will be receiving baked goods. Espresso Truffles, breads, m&m cookies, reeses pieces cookies, more!!

Mollie Katie:  If someone is incredibly hard to shop for, I usually make a Christmas (or Hanukkah --- shoutout to the Joos!) gift instead of buying. A scrapbook, a framed photograph, a piece of artwork, or something of sentimental value is always appreciated. While buying the perfect item can make that special person happy, a gift from the heart tends to leave a more lasting impression as the holiday seasons pass.

Michelle: What do I get that one person who is hard to shop for? Nothing. You want a gift, be easier. Nah, kidding. I'll bake something and take it to them, then stay and chat for a bit, because what else says gift like having to put up with me and my charmless, inept conversation? Nothing, I say, nothing is better.

Kristin: Mom. She gave me life. How can I possibly shop for her or buy, make, or steal something that could top that? Impossible. She is always the hardest to shop for.

There is ONE gift that would make my mom tremendously happy, but it's not going to happen anytime soon. Grandchildren. Sorry, Mom, not this Christmas. Plus, kind of need a man for that, of which I'm kind of lacking. Think she'll settle for a puppy?

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