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This question will rot your brain

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This week we venture into a place. A place you’re very familiar with. A place where we can all go and, for a time, just look at the pretty pictures as all our problems are washed away.

That’s right, I’m talking about that magical picture box, the television. What did you think I meant, really? Booze? How often do you look at pretty pictures while drinking? Seriously. You, my friend, have a problem and should seek help.

Oh, yea, the question. Kinda got sidetracked there.

What’s your favorite TV show of all time?

Answers after the jump:

Murder, She Wrote • Mollie Katie: My favorite TV show of all time is easily "Murder, She Wrote." As a kid, Angela Lansbury was pretty much my "TV grandmother". I first saw the show in reruns when I was a kid home sick from school, and quickly I became hooked. In fact, for a very short time I considered a career as an assassin, because the murders on the show were just so bad at it. I knew I could do better. But this consideration lasted barely a week, because I realized that I am more like Mr. Bean than James Bond. Sadly, I lack the kind of grace, coordination, and general skill necessary to be successful in any job requiring stealth. I am a little accident prone.

• Jen: So many years of TV watching, so many shows. I was a addict for bad shows. Love Boat, Fantasy Island, Charlie's Angels, Silver Spoons, Mork and Mindy, Sonny and Cher, The Mac Davis Show, The Mandrell Sisters, Donny and Marie, Nancy Drew-Hardy Boys and Wonder Woman. As I grew up, I'd like to think that my taste improved as I moved on to Cheers, Magnum PI, Golden Girls, Miami Vice and Quincy ME. The last decade was/is Sopranos, 24, Arrested Development, Monk, a few reality shows like Project Runway and Top Chef, House, Lie to Me, Chuck, In Plain Sight and uhh, Ghost Hunters. Okay, we all have our more embarrassing shows.

Arrested_Development_cast_promo_photo Out of these, having to pick a favorite, I would say Arrested Development tops out as a smart, funny and totally under-rated show. The people that took the time to watch it mostly loved it. I think they did a poor job of promoting it and it lasted only 3 seasons.  A show about a completely dysfunctional wealthy/poor family that has alienated each other over the years and now finds themselves having to depend on each other for their very existence.  The genius development and writing skills of Mitchell Hurwitz (Golden Girls, The Ellen Show) and his various group of writers and the acting skills of Jason Bateman, Portia de Rossi, Will Arnett, Michael Cera and others, make this a rare jewel among the crap that we are spoon fed on a daily basis. The guest stars on the show include Liza Minelli, Charlize Theron and Amy Poehler. Theron has on 5 episodes and if anyone doubts her comedic talents, all I have to say is get this show and watch her surprise you. (5 episodes, 2005). I can not express the breadth and width of this show for its talent and charm. Casting was superb for every character. Every member managed to embody the character and make them real. The obvious love the series members felt for the show was apparent, you could tell they were having fun. You could tell guests were having fun and I bet few invited turned down the opportunity to participate. There should be a movie coming out in 2011 and I still don't know many details as to whether it will be a stand alone or a series continuation but I can't wait. Its going to be awesome either way and a long time coming.

Jack Bauer • Justin: This isn’t a terribly hard question, and anybody that knows me will know what my answer to this will be.

I have to go with 24.

Sure the show’s seen some bad times, but even the sixth season was better than half of the crap that’s on TV today, right?

It’s the ultimate guy show, with all the guns and explosions and such. And the ladies like it because they can drool over Kiefer Sutherland. Not my thing, but hey, whatever works for them.

Sadly, it looks like the upcoming eighth season will be the last for the show. although there’s talk of a movie (or a few) that have the potential to be good.

• Stephanie: Goddamnit, what did i say about me and favorites? Stop making me pick favorites, I won't do it. I can't, actually. and this is doubly stupid because I pretty much don't watch TV anymore, and all of my "favorites" tend to be old cultish things no one has ever heard of.

There are seriously only like, four shows that are still in production that I care about -- House, The Office, CSI, and Dollhouse. Yes, I am a geek, and I am not sorry about that, either. The list of "favorites," though, also includes Fawlty Towers, Black Adder, Firefly, Queer as Folk, old school Law & Order, Twin Peaks, Arrested Development, Good Eats, and probably Monty Python's Flying Circus, because I am one of those girls who grew up thinking that stuff was funny (clearly I am awesome).

In other news, tv rots your brain, go read a book. You're welcome.

• Houston: My favorite show of all time… DUH! Let’s review shall we?

  1. I grew up in the 80’s
  2. I am a redneck from Tennessee.
  3. I love the color orange (once again Tennessee).
  4. I work with the son of one of Waylon Jennings’ guitar players (like that name drop?)

So it has to be “The Dukes of Hazzard!”

Daisy_Dukes Bo Duke was my hero, because I wanted to drive an awesome and indestructible car and lets face it, the car was the star of the show. Well, that and the fact that my 8 year old loins were all afire from the hotness of Catherine Bach. So the opportunity to drive the greatest car of all time PLUS have the hottest cousin as eye candy (look it’s a Tennessee thing, don’t judge me!)

Oh yeah, in 1980 you couldn’t get much hotter than the Daisy Duke wearing hotness of Daisy, with her cutie pie southern accent, short shorts and high heels. (Giggidy!)

Of course now, I realize she is my mom’s age and has missed some of the swagger...

Charger But anyway, how can you NOT love a show with an indestructible car (not one of those sissy talking cars like “Knight Rider,” but a real honest to goodness car that turns gasoline into AWESOME and JUMPS CREEKS?

There is some creepy issue with Uncle Jesse and his over-protective relationship (or maybe that was just the Tennessean in me thinking).

• Kristin: The best TV show of all time? "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", hands down.  No explanation needed- the show speaks for itself. Coming in a close 2nd place is "The Wire"- also a show that needs no explanation. It'd be wrong to leave it out.

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