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What we did as kids

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This question was inspired by Falcon and his recent adventures.

What's the craziest thing that either you did or happened to you in your childhood?

Simple enough, right?

Answers after the jump.

• Stephanie: Oh hi. Panel questions: One More Thing for Steph to Forget About on a Regular Basis.

Um, the word "crazy" has no business being used in relation to my childhood. I was rather of the meek and quiet sort, with a fondness for things like "books" and "being alone" (actually, that still holds true. But I also have friends now. Win!). In all seriousness, I wasn't off pulling stunts or seeking attention; rather, for the most part I tried to avoid situations in which I might appear interesting. Because that's when the questions start...oh, hell, the questions...

I'm not saying being a kid was boring; it is nothing of the sort. I was just far too insecure, shy, and awkward to take full advantage of it -- or appreciate it, for that matter. This is, perhaps, a disappointment, yes, but I haven't any suitable anecdotes for this particular query. It's likely the things I think of or remember most fondly aren't the sort that anyone wants to read about, so consider this both my answer and (I hope) the most finely worded cop-out you've stumbled upon in years.

Author's Note: The word "crazy" still has next to no bearing in my life. I just realized that.

• Kristin: I wasn't a crazy little kid. Nothing like Balloon Boy. My mom could silence me with a look. Actually I think she still can, but I digress.

I was more accident prone than exciting. I fell off of a fake 'clippity-clop' horse when I was two and broke my arm. When I was four I tripped over a cord and hit my head on a door and gave myself a concussion. When I was five I broke my ankle, twice in the same year- just by walking. Its a miracle that I can walk and talk at the same time as an adult. Especially wearing the shoes that I wear.

As far as exciting or adventurous- not so much. My niece, who is a year younger than me and my nephew, who is a year older then me, used to put on shows and perform for our parents when we little. It was sad and we thought we were awesome and we would always fight. We sang, we danced and somewhere it is all on camera. Hopefully never to be found.

• Houston: My experience wasn't really fun...

I was in kindergarten and we were playing "Space Explorer" on the playground remote Martian landscape.  One of team members ,Mykal, was down, of course he was of the opinion he was fine, which is why several of our friends had to hold him down.  Obviously if he was moving around while he was "Injured" he would hurt himself even worse.

While everyone was "Helping" our victim patient I was busy moving a large rock med pack over to him so we could get the medical instruments which would save his life.

Unfortunately the rough playground dirt Martian landscape caused me to fall and the rock med pack flew through the air and bashed Mykal in the head helmet.

OK, fantasy over because at that point Mykal decided he was done playing as he leaped up with blood pouring from his forehead.

I think I took a few years off my teacher's life that day.

Mykal took it pretty well and every time I have talked to him since he has asked me, "Do you remember the time you bashed my head in with that rock? If it had gone a quarter inch deeper it would have touched my brain!"

DANG IT! Kindergarten FAIL!

• Justin: This is one I don’t remember, but I was told about by my kindergarten teacher, who sings in choir with me at church.

Early on my our kindergarten year, she had all the students draw pictures of things like their house, their family, etc. Well, she eventually got to the part where she had us all draw pictures of our teacher. I must have taken some liberties with her picture, because she thought it was so funny she had mine made into a t-shirt.

Recently I went to lunch with her after church, and she threatened to bring it to church one Sunday when she has to do the children’s sermon and show it to everybody.


Mollie Katie and Jen both passed this week. They have good excuses, so I won’t mock them.

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  1. Ah, childhood mischief! I was fortunate to grow up in a busy little, middle class suburb in Huntsville, Alabama. Otherwise known as *Rocket City*, it was a unique southern town where your classmates were the children of cotton farmers AND the children of rocket scientists!

    I must have been about ten years old on a typical hot & sticky summer evening. All my little friends had gathered, ready to play the same old games or tumble in the yard. The mosquito truck was making its routine, weekly pass to spray through the neighborhood. Being a dangerous brew of bored kid mixed with a vivid imagination, I convinced my buddies to mount bicycles and set out on a real adventure. We would ride full speed behind the mosquito truck, through the billowing fog & pretend we were in the clouds. DDT anyone? What a full out blast of fun. Wee!!! The word *poison* never entered our minds. Sure we coughed and choked a bit, but the giggles were louder.

    I have lost track of many of those kids but hereby apologize if anyone grew a third arm….or worse. As for me, it still does not occur to me that I may be living on borrowed time, waiting to see what long term effects DDT has in store for me. My adventurous spirit is still intact, just a bit wiser. Bike ride anyone?